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Shang hardware limit purchase invite you passion a summer

2016-11-18 04:11:17 admin 2066

Recently, the latest limit the purchase of products on line less than a minute, it took the first order. It is understood that this time limit the purchase of the first order is from an old customer in Jiande, took a juice cup. Special offers, cost-effective features to become the main reason for the purchase of a limited area favored by the vast number of consumers. At present, high pressure squirt gun, juice cup, drain basket sales top three. Limit the purchase of special topics on average daily UV more than 150 thousand, becoming one of the main hardware platform is one of the drainage port.

Today, the time limit for the purchase of the area has become a lot of hardware platform to sell a lot of business tool. The platform promised free shipping, 7 days no reason to return service, provide highly cost-effective products for consumers, create the highest efficiency limited preferential marketing platform. Limit the value of the purchase of the core platform is fine selection of fine selection of goods for consumers to bring surprises buying experience, good goods do not pick, enhance the efficiency of customer purchase. At the same time, the purchase of a limited time to help businesses quickly large-scale acquisition of new users, by experiential marketing precipitation good reputation evaluation.

It is reported that the purchase limit area of new brands, new products to expand the volume, rapid delineation of new user groups, and promote the enterprise's exposure rate. In precision marketing and quick realization of the brand realization of this issue, the purchase of a limited time to buy a powerful new capacity.

Time limit for the purchase of the location of the area is not only a substantial discount, but also high-quality goods and services marketing platform, the future will cover more and more personalized goods. Through the limited time purchase activities, to promote the city's hardware products in the shortest period of time to set off the fastest market, expand the brand awareness and influence. At present, after continuous improvement and running, the time limit for the purchase of the area began to enter a more precise, personalized stage. Starting next week, the time limit for the purchase of the column will be 35 every Monday morning at 10 am to update 4 products on time. Commodities covering daily necessities, kitchen supplies, sports and fitness, outdoor supplies, hardware tools, household appliances, etc., a large discount, affordable.

In addition, the purchase also opened a number of channels, in the still hardware PC pages, WeChat mall, mobile App can be quickly snapped up, effectively stimulate the consumer's purchase demand, effective drainage for the platform shop.