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Home hardware taps can be used to select the best quality of 10 years or more

2016-11-18 04:11:05 admin 2310

Although the small size of the faucet, but the status is important in the home, any one family every day, less water, always with a small household taps frequent intimate contact. If every day is not good Water Leakage or Home Furnishing water use, is likely to make it into intimate contact hammering violence. So in the beginning when you buy water to pay great attention to quality, choose a favorite style Home Furnishing faucet.

As the saying goes, a drama of three women. And family decoration, for washing, washing, cooking these three functions, not three of the faucet is not enough. With at least three home taps, only to put up a home life this drama.

High quality faucet can be used for more than 10 years

Currently on the market relatively good Home Furnishing faucet brand TOTO, Kohler, JOYOU, Eastroc, Sakura, fantasy, Jomoo, brilliance, most consumers will pay attention to when choosing the leading leader spool quality, leading manufacturing materials and surface processing quality, and its adaptability to water quality and water saving. According to Jomoo's leading dealer introduction, the international standard of home faucet electroplating thickness is 8 microns, the best up to 12 microns. Quality leading are imported ceramic valve core, precision wear-resistant, life expectancy in more than 10 years. Do not look at home faucet this thing is small, but the price is not low. Store sales Home Furnishing faucet imports, joint ventures, domestic three types of domestic brands Home Furnishing often tap the price for 30~500 yuan, the joint venture brands tend to 500~1000 yuan, imports of high-grade Home Furnishing faucet is generally in the 1000~5000 yuan. Sakura Home Furnishing tap saleswoman told reporters, now a lot of consumer prices is not the first consideration, but the style and function, especially in higher income families, mostly love other modern imported brands. The need for environmental protection, a few luxury brand is very attention with super low lead content of copper in the material, to ensure the health of human body. Leading surface chrome plating processing more, but if the surface treatment does not pass, may be in the beginning of the use of "state" is very good, but after a period of time, there will be a layer of discoloration, shedding phenomenon.